Best of the Wheatsheet Number 1
June 1997


Wheatsheet Exculsive: Closed circuit cameras to come to Writtle

The Wheatsheaf can exclusively reveal that the Parish Council has plans to install closed circuit TV cameras in the alleys of Writtle. What has brought on this state of affairs in the normally quiet Essex village? Well its Dog Pooh. Indiscriminate deposition of Dog Pooh has lead the renaming of an alley in Writtle as Dog Pooh alley. Closed circuit TV cameras will be set up at strategic parts of the alley so that the newly employed Dog pooh spotters have a full view of the alley. The cameras will be manned twenty four hours a day in the first instance and the perpetrators and their owners will be tracked down and arrested by the local constabulary.The Wheatsheet approached Essex Police for their comments, but they declined to be interviewed on the matter of Dog Pooh.Will the God fearing residents of Writtle be able to walk down a Dog Pooh free alley?Hopefully yes , with this new initiative Writtle Dog Poohers will soon be a thing of the past.


The wacky caption competition winning caption

" We want to be together! "

The Wheatsheet's very own page 3 girl Desa !

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